Bluelin inspires young women to create their own style. With new items every week shopping never gets boring. All items can easily be combined with eachother to create the favourite look. Next to that Bluelin mixes several styles together.

Bluelin is since 2012 an online webshop with the most recent fashion trends. Bluelin has handmade silver jewelry from Thailand, India and Nepal. The last key-items when it comes to fashion and accessories are in our collection.

The owner, Annalin, is a young entrepreneur, she is 22 years old and searches all over the world to the most recent fashion trends and picks the pearls out of them. That is how collection of Bluelin is made. A passion for fashion combined with an wild soul, resulted in a webshop full of fashion items.

Bluelin also has some selling points. In the summer season Bluelin often goes to festivals like Open Air Amsterdam, VOLLT Loves Summer and NSMBL.

Bluelin is registered at de Kamer van Koophandel

KvK-nummer: 62524445